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Photo Gallery

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Attic Exhaust Fan Installation

The proper way to install an attic fan by Michael Smoker. Let us install yours!

Lighting Upgrades

In the photo that shows the kitchen, the recessed lighting was added under cabinet lighting and the hanging light. All wiring was hidden and no sheetrock repairs were needed. In the photo showing the family room, the recessed lighting and the ceiling fans were added with wiring hidden and no sheetrock repairs were needed.

Bake Fresh Bakery

Bake Fresh Bakery is a wholesale bakery for the well-known convenience stores and donut shops that are located on the Lower and Upper Peninsula and on the South Side of Hampton Roads.

The Bakery Officials wanted to modernize the facilities to obtain the highest productivity, the cleanest environment and the lowest costs in the production of the fine products that they produce.

In reaching their goals, they knew that they needed to modernize the electrical systems throughout the building.

They contacted Mike Smoker, President of Ken Smoker Inc. Electrical Contractor. Mike, based on the Bakery Officials overall ideas, designed the following. All lighting fixtures in the production, packaging and employee break time areas would be 2 X 4 lay in LED fixtures in the new suspended ceiling. Relocate all the step down transformer to the area above the new suspended ceiling and install all required new circuits in flexible metal raceway or in electrical metallic tubing as required by the National Electric Code.

Mike did all the installations at night after all the days production was finished. This was to the Officials liking and helped us in controlling product contamination.

Villas of Coventry

This project was built by American Eastern Inc. Designed and supervised by Mr. Phil Doggett. All the units have sprinkler systems, tile floors in the foyer, breakfast areas, laundry rooms and bath rooms. The kitchens and baths have granite counter tops. All the units have stainless steel appliances, ranges, refrigerators, microwave hoods, dishwashers, disposers, washers and dryers. Each building has an elevator. The electrical work was installed By Ken Smoker, Inc. Electrical Contractor.

Testimonial: Ken Smoker of Ken Smoker Inc. served as our electrical subcontractor on 96 apartments in Coventry. We found to him to have superior knowledge of the electrical distribution for the multiple buildings. His workmanship was excellent and he was always prompt and on schedule. His employees were courteous and always cleaned up behind themselves. I would recommend Ken Smoker Inc. as a proficient and quality electrical contractor to anyone.

-H.R. Ashe, American Eastern, Inc.

Security & Accent Lighting

Security and accent lighting are controlled by a controller that is set to turn the lights on full brightness at dusk and the turn them to a very dim glow at midnight. This setting is over ridden by a motion detector that will bring the lights up to full brightness until all motion ceases. The times can be set at any time between dusk to dawn.

Cable Installation

View our pictures of a cable on a reel dispenser; Mike to the left of the window installing a cable; Chris to the right of the window installing a cable.